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Walter 53G707 ~ Alustar 200 / 20L Walter 53G707

by Walter



  • Alustar 200? is a foamless demulsifying cleaner/degreaser that dissolves and removes thick oil, grease, lubricants, and grime from aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys
  • Ideal for applications that are subject to strict cleaning specifications
  • NSF category A8, registration #145452
  • Brand Walter

    Extra Information

  • Concentrated alkaline cleaner/degreaser for parts washing systems
  • Product Features

  • Highly concentrated - dilutable up to 1:200
  • Built-in corrosion inhibitors
  • Low Energy Surfactant Technology cleans at lower temperature
  • s Phosphate-free, silicate-free, VOC-free
  • Low residue Biodegradable