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Think Safety FIRST

It's just good business!

Bring Peace of Mind to the Work Place

Ensuring your safety, every step of the way

Ariba Safety stands as a beacon of trust and quality in the safety supplies industry. As an authorized 3M distributor, we specialize in offering a comprehensive range of safety products, catering to a diverse clientele across Canada.

Equip your workplace and home with the highest quality safety supplies in Canada, and be ready for today and prepared for tomorrow.

Shop Smart, Work Safe With Essential Shop Supplies for Every Task

Explore our diverse variety of shop supplies, carefully selected to boost safety and efficiency for every task.

Reliable Safety for Industry Peaks and Emergency Calls

Experience unparalleled protection with our comprehensive range of safety supplies in Canada, tailored for the most demanding industrial environments and critical emergency scenarios.

Dressed for Safety, Prepared for Every Challenge

Discover our industry-grade, safety-focused clothing and active wear. Durable, comfortable, and designed for any work environment – stay protected with Ariba Safety.

Elevating Hygiene Standards with Superior JanSan Products

We offer premier safety equipment in
Canada for all sanitation needs. Our range includes advanced cleaning tools and
protective gear, ensuring top-notch facility hygiene and safety.

Your Personal Safety Companion, Day In and Day Out

Rely on us for consistent, dependable personal protection, designed to be your daily companion in safety. Our range ensures you are well-equipped to face each day with confidence and security.

Secure, Efficient And Reliable Material Handling Solutions

Explore our range of material handling solutions, crafted to enhance safety and efficiency in Canada's diverse workplaces. With Ariba Safety, experience dependable performance in every lift and shift, backed by industry-grade safety supplies.

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