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SpilKleen AMESR150 ~ Oil Only Split Rolls


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  • Repels water - absorbs hydrocarbon products A premium, 100% polypropylene oil-only product - contains a very high recycled content
  • It is manufactured using recycled ultra long poly fibers, unlike other competing products that are made from pulverized polypropylene scrap
  • It features high water and chemical resistance, outperforms meltblown and has an exceptional web structure that provides added strength
  • Inside core fibers less likely to fall out when cover stock is torn
  • Extremely soft and drapeable
  • Applications include - requirements for high oil abosrbency - outdoor and very wet environments - around tight-fitting equipment - MRO / maintenance Part #: AMR150 Dimensions: 28 Inchx150' Weight: Heavy 1/bale Part #: AMSR150 Dimensions: 14 Inchx150' Weight: Heavy 2/bale
  • Brand SpilKleen
    Product Type Rolls