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3M 7100138819 ~ Fb 4in Cast-in-Device 4Pcid 7100138819

by 3M

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  • Designed to provide one-step fire stopping for penetrations through fire-rated concrete floor assemblies, 3M? Fire Barrier Cast-In Devices for Plastic Pipes are a proven alternative to core drilling holes
  • Installers simply attach the devices directly to floor decking, pour concrete around them and route penetrants after the concrete cures
  • Heights are adjustable in half-inch (13 mm) increments.
  • Brand 3M
    Origin Country United States
    Product Type Fire Safety

    Product Features

  • Firestop tested for up to three hours in accordance with ASTM E 814 (UL 1479)
  • Models for metallic (black cap) and non-metallic (white cap) penetrating items
  • Easily adjusted height accommodates concrete thickness from 2-1/2 Inch up to 8 Inch (57.2 mm to 203.2 mm)
  • Meets UL Water Leakage Test, W Rating ? Class 1 requirements for systems tested and listed in accordance with ANSI/UL 1479 (see system details)
  • UL Classified for two and three hours of fire (F) rating, one and three hours of temperature (T) rating
  • Installs securely by attaching directly to flooring deck
  • Rugged one-piece design to withstand every-day bumps, kicks and hard knocks of the construction process
  • Suggested Use

  • May be applied to two inches non-metallic pipe and HVAC line sets in drain, waste, supply and vented or closed pipe systems
  • Commonly used to firestop ccPVC, PVC, RNC and CPVC pipes penetrating concrete floors with fire-ratings up to three hours
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