Roller Cabinets Gray 99507SB Roller Cabinet 7 Drawer Bb Saf - Ariba Safety

Gray 99507SB ~ Roller Cabinet 7 Drawer Bb Saf

by Gray

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  • Safety latch system prevents drawers from accidentally opening.
  • Heavy-duty roller bearing slides allow heavily loaded drawers to open and close with ease.
  • Heavy gauge steel construction for greater load ratings & storage capacities.
  • Premium quality casters with greater load ratings allow easier movement on all surfaces.
  • Oval handles on roller cabinets allow comfortable gripping and maneuvering.
  • Automotive style power coat paint in hammer-tone texture provides superior scratch and corrosion resistance.
  • Drawer liners included.
  • Robust tubular locking mechanism provides reliable and secure theft protection.
  • Storage capacity: 9,147 cubic in.Overall Dimensions: 18'' L x 26.5'' W x 39.13'' H
  • Weight: 154 lb.
  • Brand Gray
    Product Type Roller Cabinets
    Size 26 Inch