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UltraTech 1532 ~ Smoke Stop Classic


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  • Ultra-Smoke Stop Smoking Receptacles Keep Areas Clear Of Cigarettes •Attractive designs complement any office, factory, restaurant, hotel or resort
  • •Polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode
  • •Design minimizes smoke exit and water entry
  • •Unique odor-absorbing and fire suppressing filter available
  • •Large, 4-gallon, steel pail holds over 3,000 cigarettes — easily removed, cleaned and replaced
  • •Made with up to 15% recycled polyethylene
  • Part# 1532: Classic (Beige) Part# 1533: Classic (Gray) Part# 1546: Classic (Black) Part# 1548: Classic (Red) Part# 1504: Classic (Green) Part# 1538: Classic w/ filter (Beige) Part# 1539: Classic w/ filter (Gray) Part# 1547: Classic w/ filter (Black) Part# 1549: Classic w/ filter (Red) Part# 1507: Classic w/filter (Green) Dimensions: 41 InchH x 14 Inch dia Weight: 10 lbs
  • (4.5 kg)
  • with filter, 14 lbs Options: Part# 1535 - Replacement Odor-Absorbing/Fire Suppressing Filters (5-Pack) Part# 1534 - Anti-Theft Kit: prevents theft and vandalism (kit includes concrete anchoring system: drill bit, two anchoring screws and two flat washers).
  • Brand UltraTech
    Product Type Faciity Protection