Headgear 3M G500V5FH31OR Na Canada Headgear Combination 7000104118 - Ariba Safety

3M G500V5FH31OR ~ Na Canada Headgear Combination 7000104118

by 3M
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3M Polycarbonate Visor Kit, G500V5FH31OR, including headgear

  • Headgear combination provides a versatile and comfortable solution for wearers who require both face and hearing protection
  • With special design features making it easy to combine the headgear with other 3M safety products such as face shields, passive earmuffs or communication headsets and integrated eyewear.
  • Brand 3M
    Origin Country Poland
    Product Type Headgear

    Extra Information

  • Work with confidence in gear that meets CSA hard hat classifications
  • Specifically designed for tree work, the 3M™ Peltor™ STIHL® Lumberjack Kit has you protected.
  • Product Features

  • System combines head, face, and hearing protection
  • 4 point Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat for head protection against falling objects and debris specifically in forestry and tree work
  • Helps protect against debris